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If you’re interested in the medical profession but don’t necessarily want to work directly with patients, a career as a medical consultant is an option. Medical consultants address business-related issues for medical facilities and healthcare providers so they can prioritize providing care. As a medical consultant, you can work in all facets of the healthcare industry, from hospitals to insurance companies.

A Patient Care Executive is a person who specializes in providing help to the patient’s recovery. Caretaker Monitors the performance of patient care services, compares it to government agency standards, and makes adjustments as necessary. He/She must have the ability to work perfectly.

 Maintains professional written/oral communication skills, establishing excellent rapport with hospital staff, patients, physicians and management at all times.

A RMO is a medical practitioner who works for public hospitals to gain clinical experience after his first year internship. He works under the supervision of a senior clinician or medical professionals to diagnose, treat and prevent chronic and life-threatening diseases and injuries.


  • Assess the nursing need of clients.
  • Provide effective nursing care.
  • Apply problem solving techniques in nursing practice.
  • Assist in research activities.
  • Communicate about the clients requirements.
  • Monitor the condition of patients.
  • Set up medical equipment in operation theatres.
  • Demonstrate basic skills in teaching patients and giving nursing care

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